Collect feedback with ease. Centralized, simple, and organized

Keep track of user problems, requests, and ideas wherever and whenever. Use our feedback portal, browser extension, and Slack integration.

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Feedback Portal

An engaging way to involve your customers

Make users feel heard. Gather their ideas to bring their voice into product decisions. Without the typical downfalls of voting boards.

Great Design
Feel at home with a branded background, logo, and colors
No public vote counts
Don’t become a victim of ‘upvote momentum’ that leads you astray
Mobile Support
Designed mobile-first. Works great on tablets and mobile
Browser extension

The smartest way to log feedback for internal teams

Sales, success, and support can now log user requests up to 5x faster, while always staying informed on the requests they submitted.
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Avoid app switching. Log requests 5x faster than you’re used to
Customer Recognition
Automatically capture customer meta data when logging feedback
Advanced Auto-complete
Avoid duplicate requests with our smart auto-complete
Confirmation Messaging
Auto-confirm that you officially took note of your customer’s feedback
Slack Integration
Enable transparency. Push logged feedback straight into Slack
Follow Requests
Automatically follow requests you submitted to stay on top of its status
Slack Integration

Store product feedback from Slack

Stop losing valuable customer feedback from your internal teams in Slack channels. Push it to Shipright to store it in an organized way and measure its impact.
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"Logging feedback happens in seconds instead of minutes now. And it's properly organized for product to spot the impact...”
Meghan Gallagher
Customer Support Specialist at Whereby
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Your single source of truth for product feedback

Determine the impact of user requests, ideas, and problems for different types of users, areas of your product, and more.

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Sync your userbase
Sync your existing userbase and tie requests to existing user accounts
Powerful search to find the requests from your users
Add multiple layers of organization to your feedback
Add and filter on your users’ meta data, e.g. enterprise customers
Store & share the segments of requests you want to focus on
Weekly digests to stay on top of requests you care about
“It's like cutting out some of the earlier user research that we would have to do in a lot of cases, especially for smaller issues. It saves quite a bit of time..."
Krista McDonald
Chief Experience Officer
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Close the loop with your customers and internal team members

Create ultimate transparency on feedback between teams and make sure your customers will feel heard to boost satisfaction.

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Internal status updates

Give a heads up on updates via mail & Slack when the status of a request or suggestion someone reported changes.
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Close the loop with customers

Send status updates to your customers. From when you took note of feedback, ‘till the moment you release a beta, or ship the final feature. Make sure they feel listened to and drive satisfaction.
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Email notifications
Close the loop and send an email notification to all users that reported a request once you solved for it
Export all users and contact details of a specific request to message them in any other tool

Start tracking feedback like a pro

No more messy spreadsheets, Trello, or JIRA to manage feedback
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