One organized place for product feedback

Track all user requests in one place to inform product decisions. Build better products, and increase satisfaction by closing the feedback loop with your users.
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Start tracking product feedback like a pro

“Way better than tracking requests in a messy sheet. I know exactly what users requested what, can prioritize accordingly and close the feedback loop!”
Florent Quinti
Head of Product at Salesmachine

Start tracking feedback like a pro

No more messy spreadsheets, Trello, or JIRA to manage feedback

Storing feedback in one place has never been easier

No need to interrupt your workflow. Use our browser extension or Slack integration to store requests without switching apps.
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Prioritized feedback for better product decisions

See exactly what features or improvements are most requested by what users. Avoid prioritizing product changes that don’t matter.
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Close the feedback loop with your users

Update users when you act upon a request or improvement without any effort, and increase user satisfaction & loyalty.
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Integrates with your workflow

Integrates in your workflow to make storing & sharing feedback way easier

Chrome & Firefox
Capture feedback from wherever you encounter it on the Web.
Import & link existing users to requests. Filter on their meta data.
Send in feedback & get notifications for new requests and users added.

What our customers say...

Discover how amazing companies use Shipright to build products users love to drive customer satisfacation and growth.
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Kate Zalewska
Product Manager at Packhelp
"Really love the product! It saves so much time and helps a lot in organizing our feedback. Awesome idea and huge potential."
Olivier Paling
Head of Product at ZIVVER
"I like how intuitive it is. They really solved our feedback issue, allowing us to drill down to the root cause of our feedback. It's easy to get actionable insights from all of our sources of feedback now."
Nina v. Adrichem
Product Designer at Studyflow
"Quick, easy, and super helpful to collect and organize feedback from any channel we use to communicate with our customers."
Marcel Wundrich
Customer Service at 10to8
"With Shipright, we centralized hundreds of feedback messages and extrapolated vital product insights. Shipright makes easy what is typically daunting."
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